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David Ebrahimzadeh

President of Corniche Capital

David Ebrahimzadeh is a well-known private equity investor and real estate expert. Mr. Ebrahimzadeh has a broad base of business experience, and he can lend his expertise to many different endeavors. His particular talents lie in making successful investments, leveraging his business’s funding in order to grow the overall portfolio while maximizing return and mitigating risk.


Mr. Ebrahimzadeh grew up in a family with real estate investments, so he was able to learn the business from the ground up. He was always interested in becoming involved in real estate. After he gained a significant amount of real estate experience, he began to invest in companies as well.

Private Equity Funding

David founded the private equity firm Corniche Capital. He started the company just out of college, after a stint in real estate finance. The company holds many growth investments in later stages, including middle-market companies. He focuses his investments on logistics, manufacturing, distribution, and mining.

With private equity funding, David Ebrahimzadeh is able to give distressed businesses a cash injection and turn their operations around. With equity in the business, he is able to give input and advice on how to make the business successful again.

Real Estate

Corniche Capital also invests in commercial and multifamily properties, both domestically and around the world. With Mr. Ebrahimzadeh’s hands-on approach, he takes part in every aspect of the decision.

Corniche Capital often invests in properties with distressed debt. When properties are in trouble, they often represent a huge opportunity for growth. Restructuring in the property’s financing often allows the business to make money again, strengthening the business and promoting its success.

The company has made a name for itself in the multifamily and commercial sectors. Multifamily properties, in particular, have made a great deal of money over the last several years as the rental market has increased its overall profits. Financing high-quality rental properties is one of the company’s main goals.

Business Expertise

Mr. Ebrahimzadeh has a solid knowledge base that makes him an excellent example for younger investors. His business experience allows him to face challenges with creativity and fortitude.

For example, he encourages entrepreneurs to meet challenges calmly. Becoming too emotional can hamper their chances of success. Taking a step back to breathe can help entrepreneurs see their way through their problems rather than becoming mired in them.

Mr. Ebrahimzadeh believes that being consistent is a key to successful business dealings. Rather than flitting from one idea to another, he believes that it is better to focus on one idea and make sure that it is highly effective.

He says that other entrepreneurs should empower their employees to make important decisions. Too much micromanaging can be detrimental to the business’s overall success. When employees know that they are trusted with making decisions, they will be happier and more likely to bring in good deals for the business.

Business Strategies

Mr. Ebrahimzadeh and his company often focus on properties that have problems with debt or companies that need help making a profit. This allows for impressive growth potential, creating the most value for the money. Corniche Capital research the best ways to choose an investment and narrows the list down to a shortlist of projects to bring to fruition.

International Investments

In addition to picking out the companies and properties that have the best growth potential, Mr. Ebrahimzadeh focuses on international real estate. The international aspect of Corniche Capital means that the company can take advantage of worldwide growth trends. With his global focus, David is able to understand markets around the world and the different factors that go into their success or failure.

Lessons Learned

New entrepreneurs should be able to take away valuable lessons from David Ebrahimzadeh’s experience. Following their most closely valued interests will help them focus on a successful career. Investing in distressed companies or properties may provide an excellent profit opportunity, even though the situation may be higher-risk.

David is an experienced business expert with many valuable lessons. Following in his footsteps, entrepreneurs with high aspirations will be able to carve their own path in the business world.

Corniche Capital will continue to succeed, both in the real estate and private equity spheres.